What was the first song you learnt? Boys Don't Cry by the Cure on guitar. Watermelon Man on drums. This basically says it all.


What’s your favourite memory of your early musical life? I have really early memories of my parents taking me to see a country band called The Flying Emus on afternoons at a pub. Something about their tales of heartbreak in Wangaratta really resonated with my toddler self.

My first ever time playing live with my two best mates at an all ages show at Glen Waverley Town Hall at the end of the train line. All the baby Oi punks rushed in cos we were 'the girl band'. I spewed from nerves. We had 2 and a half songs. That's the way to do it!

What made you want to play music in the first place? The Flying Emus. Recovery. Mr Haregraves my high school drum teacher (bleached blonde pony tail, chain smoking martial arts expert, lover of brass bands and pop punk, free-er of freaks). Retrospectively tried to find him on facebook and google him to no avail... I'm beginning to think i invented him myself a la the guy in Fight Club.

How old were you when you started playing? Started playing drum kit at school when i was 11 and finally bought my guitar from the trading post for $50 when i was 13. still my most triumphant 'saving-up' experience.

Who were your music heroes/idols back then? Who are they now? at school: stuff like Ramones, Magic Dirt, Velvets, Frenzal's classics, anyone who played local all ages shows. Now: People who write good songs for a long time and have fun. 

What was the name of your first band? 'Postal'! 


Steph Hughes is a drummer and artist from Melbourne who plays with Dick Diver and Darren Hanlon.